Adult learn to row courses

Have you ever watched the Boat Race or the Olympics and thought you might like to give rowing a try? Do you want to try something new or simply just want to get fit and enjoy the outdoors? 

Rowing is the ultimate team sport and a fun way to meet new people and get in shape. People of all ages, sizes and backgrounds can learn to row.  Due to the nature of the sport the only prerequisite will be that you are able to swim a minimum of 50m in light clothing. 

The Isle of Ely Rowing Club is the ideal place to learn to row with a beautiful stretch of uninterrupted water. You will also be guaranteed a warm and friendly welcome.   During the year we typically run learn to row courses in the Spring and Summer. To be notified of the next available courses, register your interest.

Why you should row

Promotes healthy body composition

Enhances cardio-respiratory system

Offers low impact exercise with high results

Promotes weight loss

Helps the heart

Builds muscle strength and improves muscle and joint mobility

Offers a full-body exercise.

Learn to row

Our courses focus on sculling (2 blades) and the club owns a number of stable boats specifically designed for beginners. When you complete the course and join the club there will be opportunities to try sweep rowing (one blade each). 

To learn more about rowing visit the British Rowing Website.

About the Learn to Row course

We are offering three courses in Spring 2021

Each course will be on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6.30 until 8. 

Course 1 6th, 8th, 13th and 15th April
Course 2 20th, 22nd, 27th and 29th April 
Course 3 4th, 6th, 11th and 13th May 

The Adult learn to row course consists of 4 sessions (each approximately 1.5 hours long). 

During the course you will learn correct rowing technique and how to perform basic skills so that you are able to propel and steer the boat efficiently; 

The cost of the Adult course is £60.  

Learn to row

What happens after the course?

After the course, there will be an opportunity to join the club and further develop your rowing skills. Many graduates of our learn to row courses have gone on to row in senior crews and compete in races. You can find out more about our squads in the Join us section. 

You don't have to compete to enjoy rowing. We have many members who never compete, but just love to row and get out onto the water. 

Whatever your aspirations there is something for everyone. 

Learn to row