COVID-19 Club guidelines

The committee felt it was time to issue a new set of guidelines for use of the club facilities during the next few months.

This is a reminder of the stage we have reached in the gradual return to full rowing activities at the club. But there is some important new information which I have highlighted in yellow.

1. The accurate use of the boat booking page on the website is crucial. We shall need to be able to refer back to it if any member develops symptoms and we have to initiate Track and Trace. We have to keep records for 21 days. Please ensure that the names of all those participating in the outing are recorded. If an outing does not go ahead, please remove the names from the boat booking page. As you know, we now also have QR code posters which you can scan if you have a compatible mobile phone. All QR code posters are the same. You need scan only once per visit.

2. As throughout the pandemic, if anyone shows symptoms of Covid-19 they should not go to the club.

3. We want to stress that as crew rowing starts again, no-one should feel obliged to row. Peer pressure should be ignored if an individual feels the risk is too great.

4. From 15th August BR allowed coxed and coxless quads and fours, in addition to the singles, pairs and doubles previously authorised.

a. Everyone should bring their own mask or face covering, to be worn at all times except when actually rowing. Social distancing will still be obligatory and each rower is responsible for the cleaning of his or her part of the boat.
b. No junior coxes will be allowed. Any senior who is willing to volunteer to cox a quad or a four should make themselves known to me and be issued with a named face shield in addition to their own mask. Please send an email to me, Duncan and Patrick. Some coxed outings have already taken place and dedicated face shields have been issued.

In crew boats, members should row with a limited number of others, i.e. to create bubbles.

5. Since 29th August, in addition to the above, British Rowing has allowed coxed eights to go out. Everyone should bring their own mask or face covering, to be worn at all times except when actually rowing. Social distancing will still be obligatory and each rower is responsible for the cleaning of his or her part of the boat. If you plan an outing in an eight, please discuss this with Duncan and/or Patrick. We want to ensure that your bubble is kept intact and that you are aware of all the risks. Also, we shall have to arrange for the insurance policy to cover use of the eight on the water again.

6. Cleaning:
a. You have all been doing a brilliant job of spraying the touch points on the boats and blades you have used. But please let us know if the spray bottles are empty and we can refill them. Please let Patrick or Duncan know by phone or email asap.
b. You can be sparing with the spraying of boats. These areas do not need to be completely soaked.
c. We shall ensure that the bottles themselves are replaced regularly. The seals etc. deteriorate quickly because they are kept outside.

7. Cold and wet weather.
Bring a complete change of clothing, a towel and a hot drink in an insulated mug or flask, in addition to your water bottle. The instructions from the government and BR are to come to the club ready changed.

Come to the club in your car if you can and park in the office car park if the top gate is still open. Your car will allow you to warm up quickly should you be cold or wet at the end of your outing. If you stay past the time when the gate is locked by Cookes or the Environment Agency, do not ring the emergency number and incur a £300 callout charge. Call Teresa or Richard.

There are no changing facilities. The one exception is in the case of a capsize where the gym portacabin can be used to change into dry clothing.

Special arrangements apply to juniors’ coached outings on Sundays and they will be informed separately of these.

8. If a member of the club (called A below) has Covid symptoms, or has a positive test, we shall take the following steps:

a. We shall close the club and lock the gate with a different padlock. We shall send out an email to all members telling them of this.
b. We shall make a judgement about which rowers to inform that they should self-isolate. We shall contact all those who were rowing at the same time as A, whether in a crew boat or in singles. It is likely that those with A in a crew boat should self-isolate, and others may make a judgement depending on how close they were to A and for how long. See the links at the end of this document.
c. A small group of committee members will visit the club and disinfect all points listed on the Safety Advisor’s checklist with a bleach solution.
d. We shall then re-open the club.

NHS guidance on self-isolation
Govt guidance on what constitutes a contact:

7 October 2020