Club Training Kit

All our training kit is available to order directly from Sigma. Any kit you order will be delivered to the club. 

Club Race Kit

Race kit is ordered by the club from JL/Crewroom. JL is expensive, but the kit is excellent and lasts a long time. If you intend to race, you should invest in either an all in one and/or a tech top.  The following items are available (all costs are approximate based on the previous order and the final amount will depend on the order size).


For sizing please see the JL sizing calculator. If you are not sure what size you need then include your chest and waist measurements (Men/Boys) or bust, waist and hips (Women/Girls) in your email and JL will make the right size based on those measurements. Orders are placed twice a year and take 6-8 weeks to process and ship back to us.


If you would like to order race kit, please complete the form with details of what you want to order and your measurements and we will include this in the next order.