John Ison, an invaluable friend of IoERC since its foundation, has died, aged 76, following a long illness.

John lived and worked in Ely for more than 20 years. During his 10 year spell as editor of the Ely Standard he was a driving force behind the organisation and publicity for the 2004 Diamond 44 celebration of the 1944 Boat Race held in Ely. The event gave birth to IoERC and thereafter John remained loyally committed to our development. One of the actions of which he was most proud was being able use his discretionary fund to buy the club its first loo whilst he was Mayor of Ely in 2006-7!

He spent more than 50 years in publishing and worked on newspapers, magazines, handbooks and a national tourism magazine. He was also author of a booklet to celebrate the 900th anniversary of the Ely diocese.

After retiring to Whitstable, Kent, in 2007, he continued to take a close interest in our activities. Your vice-presidents paid regular visits and were always closely questioned about the club's achievements and plans.

John is survived by his wife, Cherry, daughters Cate, Anne, Andrea, Rebecca, and Helen (who served as his mayoress), grandsons Jack and David. We send them our deepest sympathy.

The photos show John:
•    at his boat naming, and
•    in mayoral garb accompanied by Michael Chandler the then Dean of Ely, sitting on a section of the milk-bottle bridge used in the 2006 Ely Classic Regatta.