On Saturday 29th October our Janousek 4x was named ‘Dick Pryce-Jones’ in memory of our much loved Vice-President who died last year.

Dick’s widow, Reine Pryce-Jones, and his sister, Catherine Sheppard, made long journeys specially to perform the naming ceremony and to join us in paying homage to someone who had a major influence in the foundation and development of the Club.

Dick’s connection with local rowing began in 2003 when he acted as a crucial link between the rowing community and the organisers of the Diamond Jubilee celebration of the 1944 wartime University Boat Race which took place in Ely.  The success of the event – in large measure due to Dick’s connections and diplomatic skills – was such that it gave rise to the idea of forming a local club. Dick characteristically thought this was a marvellous idea and enthusiastically offered his help. That these were not just fine words was strikingly evident when, within a very short time, he found a set of 8 oars for the Club’s first boat and had even taken the trouble to paint them in club colours.

His interest in the club’s activities continued undiminished and in recognition of this, in 2005, he was elected a Vice-President. In this capacity he could always be relied on to offer sage advice on how the club was run or to pour oil on troubled waters when our internal politics became overheated. Always eager to join in activities on the water he would grasp any opportunity to drive a coaching launch or row in whatever boat had a spare seat. Of particularly pride was his having been a member of our first and most successful Cambridge Town Bumps crew.

After the naming Reine said that although she had not previously visited the club she had often sailed past it on the family narrow boat. On these occasions Dick had insisted on proudly pointed out the club site – he even had his grandchildren saluting as they floated by! Having now set foot on the site and seen the club’s friendliness and inclusivity she could now understand why he had been so attached to it in spite of its spartan facilities.

In the picture Reine is 4rd from the left and Cathy 5th.