IoERC can trace its origins back to the 1944 Boat Race in Ely and for this reason many of our boats are named after those involved in the race who have shown particular interest in our progress. The arrival of IEL 405 has given us an opportunity to add a new name in the sequence – Michael Brooks.

Michael began his medical studies at Oxford in 1941. He rowed in the 1943 Boat Race at Sandford and in the 1944 Boat Race at Ely. He then ‘dropped out’ of medicine after the death of a school friend who was blown up in a tank. The death affected him deeply and he joined the Rifle 

Brigade, eventually serving in North Africa and Palestine. On demobilisation in 1947 he returned to Oxford and continued to read Medicine. After clinical studies at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital he qualified in 1952.

Michael lives in Amersham and, for health reasons, is unable to be with us for a naming ceremony. Instead, we plan to present him with a photograph of a junior crew in the boat at the Queen Adelaide Bridge near where Michael would have finished the 1944 race. (See photographs - Michael is at 3 in photo above).

The presentation will be made by our president, Martin Whitworth, at a lunch in Amersham on 26th February. There is a wealth of other material relating to Michael on the River and Rowing Museum website Other boats are named after Martin Whitworth Donald Ramsay Tony MerrifieldClick on the names for biographical details.